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Communication has never been more vital.  At a time when fear and misinformation is prevalent, people seek information more than ever and the best thing companies can do is to keep people in the loop.

Staff need to know if their working patterns are to change – even if it’s to say it’s business as usual, and customer engagement needs to continue if only to help people make some decisions amidst economic fear and uncertainty.

And there is lots now that can be done from the laptop and especially when more people are going to be online at home.  Content is going to be needed.  Even at home communication is going to step up whether it’s keeping the children entertained or tempers under wraps.

We’re already being encouraged to set up chat groups with both work colleagues and friends, agreeing times to check in to help keep some sort of routine and normality, and help boost our mental strength which is already being stretched to the limits.  It’s also going to be vital for people on their own feeling totally isolated and out of reach.   Even a note under the door is a boost for someone to feel they are being thought of and life is still going on.

Appropriately communication is based on the Latin word ‘communicare’ meaning ‘to share’ so let’s make sure the conversations keep going!

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