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We’ve all seen the old war images of families grouped around the radio eagerly listening to bulletins but fast forward to today and audio is back with the podcast fuelling this renewed interest.

According to Ofcom 7.1million people listen to a podcast every week with, on average regular listeners tuning in to around seven a week.   And figures look set to continue to rise as the popularity of the platform gains momentum amongst listeners and brands keen to get in on the conversation.

So what makes the podcast so attractive?

In a world where time is everything and multi-tasking is an art form, being able to listen to a podcast and still do other things is a total win-win.  Ask seasoned listeners and they will tell you they have a routine for when they choose to plug in, whether it’s on the daily commute or doing the ironing, it can make the mundane more interesting.

And interesting it is for the depth of content is unbelievable and whatever floats your boat you can listen and learn with little effort.

And for brands, the engagement is just as rich.  Great for SEO, podcasts not only offer a clearly targeted audience but something other platforms are sometimes lacking – trust.  The personal experience and rapport a podcast can offer appears to be pretty unique.

But with all said and done, maybe we just can’t escape one of the oldest communication forms – storytelling – and nothing beats a good yarn no matter how it’s presented.

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